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No-fuss PAK’nSAVE

An iconic New Zealand brand

The revamped identity needed to retain its previous ‘no-fuss’ food warehouse image
yet also present a ‘fresh face’. We wanted, and feel we have created, a powerful
‘no-fuss’ brand. The signage is simple and we’ve established a consistent modern PAK’nSAVE look throughout the country. Yellow, black and white are strong colours
but the PAK’nSAVE brand has always had its point of difference and Sanders
Design have helped PAK’n SAVE become the food warehouse they want to be.

PAK'nSAVE signage
PAK'nSAVE brand manual cover
PAK'nSAVE brand manual spread
PAK'nSAVE checkout signage
PAK'nSAVE instore signage
PAK'nSAVE exterior plinth signage
PAK'nSAVE exterior signage
PAK'nSAVE signage
PAK'nSAVE Fuel signage

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